Stainless Steel Items etc

Stainless Steel Benches, Sink Benches, Over Shelves, etc
  • Assorted Other Stainless
    Rack-Stands for Glass and Dishwasher Racks. Also Oven Stands and Grease Trap /Grease Convertor.
  • Shelving + Trolleys
    Over-shelves for Benches Both 1 and 2 Tier Available. Also Shelving along with Both Clearing and Bakers Trolleys
  • Sink Benches
    Stainless Steel Benching with Sinks either Left, Centre or Right. Also Single or Double Sink.
  • Workbench - Flat
    Stainless steel flat benching or also called island benches.
  • Workbench - Splash Back
    Stainless Benches with Splash Backs.