Robot Coupe Power Mixer Range

Robot Coupe Power Mixer Range
Robot Coupe Power Mixer Range
We stock or can supply all Robot Coupe product's in New Zealand including though not limited to the Power Mixer range.
The Power Mixer is the best on the market currently. If you do a moderate to large amounts then this is what you require.
Why should you buy a Robot Coupe Power Mixer?
Ergonomic handle for a better user experience.
The lug on the motor housing can serve as a rest and pivot on the rim of a pan, making the power mixer easier to handle.
Overmoulded blade to ensure perfect hygiene.
Sharpening designed to give optimum speed and
perfect quality of cut.
New power cord winding system for tidy storage and optimum lifespan.
Entirely dis-mountable foot and knife Stainless steel tube, bell and knife for a longer life (only on MP Ultra models).
All models come with 2 year warranty.
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