Grease Convertor 250L with Auto Dosing Pump - New - $3395 + GST

Grease Convertor 250L with Auto Dosing Pump - New - $3395 + GST
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Grease trap with Auto Doser nearly everyone needs one these days.

This is for 250L Grease Trap with Bio-Zyme Auto Doser Pump only.
How do they work?
Water or grey water from your waste sink enters the chamber. From there the grease and oils float to the top. Every night approx at 11pm the auto doser machine injects 100mm (approx) of chemicals to breakdown the oil and grease. As it breaks down the oil and grease "falls" down into the grey water and then gets flushed down the drain as more water enters the chamber. And so the cycle continues.
These do need regular cleaning which we have partners that do this for you. We can also supply chemicals and the Bio-zyme auto doser. All info supplied upon purchase.
As a rule though subject to change is guide to what size you require.
160L - Take out with no seating
250L - Seating up to 50 customers
500L - for seating up to 100
NZ$ 3,395.00
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